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Cake Cutting Guide

Use the cake cutting guide below to get the optimum number of servings from your cake. 


Single Tiered Cakes - Each tier is roughly 4" in height.

Party size servings are based on approximately 2"x 2" slices. 

Event size slices are based on approximately 1.5"x 1.5" slices

When we talk about a cake serving a range of people, that simply mean, for example,

a 6" and 8" tiered cake feeds 32 party size servings and up to 42 event size servings. 

**Listed prices are BASE prices only. Final Price depends on difficulty and added detail of your custom cake. Please fill out the order request form to get a more accurate quote. 

** BC-Buttercream  F-Fondant



Cake Cutting Guide - Party-3.png

What Size Cake do you Need?

Below is a list of tiered cake options and their serving range. 

 For smaller tiered cakes cut the tiers from the top down. There is a board between each tier, making it easier to cut one at a time. When the slices from the first tier are gone, remove the board and begin cutting the second tier and so on. Before cutting the next tier, be sure to remove the plastic dowels in the centre of the cake as you see them. They are hard to miss! 

For larger tiered cakes it may be easier to remove the top layers and cut them separately on the table. Then proceed cutting it the same way as the smaller tiered cakes. Don't forget to remove the plastic bowls as you see them! 

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